Black & Decker BDERO100 Random Orbit Sander Review

Sanders is a powerful equipment for smoothing high-end uneven surfaces, edges, wooden furniture and other tough areas with the help of abrasive materials or sandpaper.

If you are the one who is looking for an orbital sander that needs to provide you an ultra smooth finish for whatever task you are performing, then we have the right orbital sander based on your expectations.

Yeah, today on our blog, let’s check out the model BDER100 Random Orbit Sanders from the popular Manufacturer Black & Decker below.

Few Words about the Manufacturer

Black & Decker is in the market from the early 1910 and has developed thousands of innovative and standard power accessories, tools, outdoors, home cleaning products, and much more.

Black & Decker is the incorporater of the first electric grill that came along with a trigger switch and pistol grip. This product from the manufacturer is gaining a lot of positive feedback and response from the customers.

Black & Decker BDERO100 Random Orbit Sander Review

Experience the professional looking material you worked on adapting to this Black 7 Decker Random Orbit Sanders. The unique and primary feature for the popularity is the consistent sanding on any tough wood works, uneven edges or any tougher projects.

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Orbital Action

The random orbit action is being the reason for the consistent, ultra smooth and accurate finish; this prevents any sandy marks from delivering your high-quality result with the help of the random action.

Trouble free Use

Any person who does not have any experience in operating a bench grinder too can use the product with ease. Woodworking and sanding can be achieved without much effort with the help of this BDER100 Random Orbit Sanders.

Hook & Loop System

The sander comes with the hook and loop system to change the paper for providing the efficient results. Changing paper has to be modified based on the material you are choosing to work with. This is achieved easily without any hassle and helps in saving a lot of time for you. Swapping the paper will not take more than 5 seconds which means you are not going to face any difficulties in changing them.

Non-Slippery & Hold Option

Holding the equipment is comfortable and easy, they are developed nonslippery so that you can grip the tool without much struggle. The secure hold option in the tool helps you to work with more comfort even if you are working on some of the toughest materials like huge doors, tables or cabinets.

Solid Grip

The firm grip provides you a secure feeling while working with the different part of the materials. The ergonomic design reduces the worker’s fatigue and prevents from getting any hand cramps even if you are working for a large period.


The weight of the product is designed to be lightweight, and therefore portability is made easier, measures about 3.2 pounds. Comes with the dimension of 7X5X6 inches, the small footprint indicates that the device is easy to store and handle.

Power Source

The electric cord is considered to be the power source of this device and help in emitting the continuous source of energy without any difficulties.

Dust Seal

The dust seal provides the stronger protection against any debris, dust and any other waste particles and therefore you are ensured for the durability.

Warranty & Price

The manufacturer is providing two years limited warranty, and therefore you can get the product without any hesitation. The price of the product is affordable, best value for the money you spent on them.

Overall Consideration

While considering the overall features, we come to the point that the BDERO100 Random Orbit Sanders is one of the powerful equipment that helps you to take on multiple types of applications such as refinishing the porch, cleaning furniture sets, sanding tables and cabinets, sanding robust application, etc. without any struggle. This will help in withstanding of the material for an extended period.

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