Bosch Random Orbital Sander Review

Quality is the most important aspect to consider in every product you buy, While considering the sanders it’s mandatory you go with the premium quality for getting the accurate and perfect output as a result. Sanding with scratch marks, swirl and incorrect sanding will lead to inefficiency and disappointment in work.

What is a Random Orbital Sander?

A Random Orbital sander is an effective hand held equipment for sanding which indulges a sanding blade for delivering the random orbit action. This pattern occurs when spinning and moving the sanding disk simultaneously in small ellipses.

The important thing you need to ask yourself before purchasing the random orbital sander is that, from which manufacturer you are going to get this orbital sanders from. Today in our article, we are going to check about a reliable, efficient and all primary quality indulged random orbital sander manufacturer “BOSCH” in detail.

Why Choose Bosch Random Orbital Sanders?

The important reason to choose the Bosch random orbital sanders is for their high reliable features that will help to provide the finer finish and desired output as per the work involved.

Few characteristics involved in all product sof Bosch Random Orbital Sanders involves

  • The perfect Grip
  • Light weight
  • Hook and loop for faster changing discs
  • Vibration reduction
  • Fancy schmancy filter within the dust collector
  • Variable Speed Option
  • Maximum RPM
  • Swirl free sanding
  • Microfilter dust capture

Top 3 picks of BOSCH Random Orbital Sanders

If you are searching for the BOSCH Random Orbital Sanders online, you will get dozens of products from them, but choosing the reliable, high quality and an apt one for your applications and working area is mandatory. Here are three best picks of random orbital sanders from BOSCH that is gaining a tremendous response and positive feedback from every customer.

I assure these three picks would fit your applications correctly as they indulge all necessary requirements a high grade random orbital sanders should have.

1250DEVS Random Orbital Sanders from BOSCH

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If you are the lover of BOSCH products, then you will never fail to choose this random orbital sander for your applications. From uneven edges to car furniture polishing, you will result in the finer finish with this orbital sanders. This is well built Sanders that is ideal for small working mediums to the professional mediums.

What Key Features makes the Product Unique?

The price of the product may not be affordable, but the high-quality features and performance will leave you stunning. One of the best-corded Sanders that provide superior and reliable results at the end. You can shift between the aggressive turbo mode and random orbit mode occasionally with the help of the simple mode selector.

Another special feature of the BOSCH random orbital sander is the product indulges two sanding modes namely random orbit mode and turbo drove eccentric orbit mode. The first way helps in fine finishing and also for removing the stocks typically.

The second mode is for the aggressive stock, and the fact is that this is five times efficient when compared to the normal random orbit mode.

Other Feature and Specifications

The weight of the product measures about 5.3 lbs which are less in weight so that the portability is made easier. The sander indulges a dual mode motor and produces a powerful 6.5AMP helps in increasing the speed as per your work or applications.

The hook and loop enable faster discs to change . starting is soft so that it helps to avoid the runoff by reducing the startup torque. Swirl marks can be prevented while removing a sander with the help of the pad dampening system.

The gear housing that is built in is made of high-quality aluminum for the extended use, the pad mount which is a dual bearing one help in reducing the amount of vibration and wobble. The variable speed dial option lets you adjust the speed as per the requirement; the maximum speed range is about 3100 to 6650 OPM.

The important thing every customer liked the product is their dust vacuum system; the vacuum hooks up enables you to collect any dust, debris from the system with ease.

Amazon Review Feedback: 85 % of the reliable and trusted purchased buyers have rated the five stars.

3725DEVS Random Orbital Sander from BOSCH

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The second product from BOSCH in our best picks is the 3725DEVS Random Orbital Sander. This is one of the fine finishing and high-speed random orbit sanders that indulged superior performance for providing the good results.

Uniqueness of BOSCH 3726 DEVS Orbital standards

The important and special feature of this Orbital Sander is their stock Removal, Dust Collection, and the extraordinary finishing quality.

Key Features & Specifications of BOSCH 3725DEVS Orbital Sanders

Proceed below to check for the characteristics and features of this BOSCH Random Orbit Sanders.

The sander comes with a 3.3 amp motor for the rapid sprinting of orbit action, the variable speed adjustment allows you to modify the speed level as per your applications or working tune.

The speed can be adjusted between 4500 and 12000 OPM. The auxiliary handle accompanied in the orbital sanders can be removed for the congested working places and close quarter works.

The dust canister that is made of the micro filter helps in sucking more amount of dust, debris and other waste particles from the component faster when compared to other orbital sanders. The hook and loop pad system that is installed within the system assist you in faster and easier sandpaper changing.

Overall, this model of random orbital sanders is a Luxury model established in the BOSCH orbital sanders models.

While taking on the line of Ergonomics, the switch indulged is good, the trigger involved comes with a lock on button for easy operation even if you are wearing a glove. The speed dial option, rear handle, and the grips are designed in a good way.

While considering the vibration level, the running tool is designed to run smoothly for producing low vibration while performing any works. The tracking and land on works are developed in an extraordinary way so that the operation is made simpler and faster. The manufacturer is providing one year warranty for this 3725 DEV Random Orbit Sander.

Amazon Reviews Feedback: More than 59 percent of trusted customers have voted 5 out of 5-star ratings.

Random ROS20VSC Orbit Sander from BOSCH

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The last pick in our top three picks of random orbit sanders of BOSCH product is ROS20VSC mode. This five-inch Sanders has gained a lot of popularity in the midst of multiple customers for their premium quality material at an affordable rate. You can go with this model if you prefer to choose a real quality model from BOSCH.

Unique Feature of ROS20VSC Random Orbital Sanders

Dust Extraction system, comfortable, ergonomics option and the hook & loop disc attachments are considered to the special feature of this Bosch model.

Other Specifications & Key Features

This a sander that is powered by a 2.5 AMP motor and has the option of variable speed for the adjustability. The range falls between 7500 to 12000 OPM. Just a dial option in the system helps to control the speed with ease.

Most of the orbital sanders lag behind for the poor motor, but there were no reviews from any customers regarding the motor burning, therefore this is a good signal. So you can go with the product without any hesitation.

The hook and loop disc attachment involved is responsible for the faster disc changes. While considering the Ergonomics, the system indulged a reliable grip, handle, discs, paper, and low vibration are produced for the worker’s comfort and support.

As this sander contains only one speed, there are chances for leaving swirl marks and also gouge while starting. The main aspect is that the orbital sander is a corded one and comes with a dust carrying bag for collecting all the debris, dust and other materials from the equipment.

Comes with the dimension of 5X6X9 inches and weighs 3.5 lbs and therefore portability is made easier. Overall, I assure you that this model ROS20VSC is an wonderful sander at a pretty affordable price.

Amazon Reviews Feedback: 76 percent of the trusted and verified purchased customers have rated five stars for this ROS20VSC Random Orbital Sanders.

Final Thoughts

Hope you are clear to choose the best BOSCH Random Orbit Sander products from the above-detailed description on their reliable and highly performing sanders. The above-listed products from BOSCH are truly effective, affordable and reliable ones.

If you have any suggestions, ideas, and thoughts on the above products, feel free to share with us through the comment section below.

Has anyone of you used any one of the above BOSCH Random Orbit Sanders for your applications or working area?