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Anesty 6 Air Random Orbital Sander Review

An orbital sander is a revolutionary tool found by Festool in 1976, used for sanding purposes and this is attached to sanding blades for providing a finer finish to the wood. IIn order to enjoy the benefits of this orbital sanders its mandatory you choose the best product from the right manufactuter.

What is Anesty Orbital sander?

Anesty orbital sander is the professional orbital sander with high quality and greater speed control. With its compact structure and unique features it is suitable for various purposes such as car body shops, metal work and furniture, its scientific design lets you to do these jobs perfectly and quickly.

Today in our article we are going to check about one of the popular manufacturer Anesty’s Random Orbital Sander in brief.

Key Features & Specifications of Anesty 6 Air Random Orbital Sander

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  • Anesty random orbital sander comes along with Velcro Backing Pad for professional heavy duty dual action.
  • Less vibration gives swirl free finishes, so for low vibration it is provided with heavy duty ball bearing construction.
  • As we mentioned earlier, it has amazing speed control with built-in regulator.
  • It is designed for efficiency and comfort in the working environment. So this orbital sander has unique ergonomic design.
  • It also features a distinctive motor, shaft, balancer, plastic rotor and rear exhaust.
  • The motor that is incorporated in the machine provides 10000 revolutions per minute.
  • It is also enveloped with one ¼ inch air inlet, one 6 inch sanding pad and one 5/16 inch spindle thread for various purposes.
  • These are provided with dust bag for dust collection. So even after you finished your work, the work place will be clean it won’t leave any mess.
  • The package is also included with one spanner and one vacuum hose.
  • This air powered orbital sander doesn’t require any batteries, So these are not provided with battery.
  • It has 90 pounds per square inch working pressure and this orbital sander is applicable in paint prep and finishing applications.

Customer Review

People across the globe buy this orbital sander, this product has received many reviews from customers. Most of the customers have provided the positive reviews about the product and have found this product a helpful one in their job as it worked great for them.

Some customers said it was very beautiful and it’s worth the money and have given amazing ratings for this product. Few customers had dissatisfaction with this product, as it was not provided with user manual and they found it was hard to figure out.

Final Verdict

This is an amazing orbital sander for anyone since it has whatever you want. As it cleans its mess, it is suitable to use even inside the house. It doesn’t require vacuum for dust collection, you can even use this with other orbital sander. Since it is heavy, it reduces all the vibration when you use and gives heavy duty performance for a long period. So we found this Anesty 6 air random orbital sander is quite useful.

Hope you are clear on the details about the Anesty Randon orbital Sanders.

Having any queries, ideas, suggestions about the product? Feel free to ping us through the comment section below.

Has anyone used this orbital sander before? If so, please share your experience with us.

Bosch ROS10 vs Bosch ROS20VSK vs Dewalt DWE6420 vs Makita BO5041

Orbital Sanders are the tools or equipment used for sanding any jagged edge,furniture, woodworks, tables and any tough surfaces with the help of orbital motion powered by air or electric motor at high speed.

There are different types of orbital sanders available in the market, some may be simple to use, and some may be complicated, but all Sanders will involves few primary function for the actions.

Bosch Ros10 vs. Ros20vsk vs. Dewalt DWE 6420 vs. Makita BO5041

When comparing the characteristics and specification with other orbit sanders, we can determine which one is superior one among them. Today we are going to compare the features and specifications of four different orbit sanders namely Bosch ROS10, BOSCH Ros20VSK, Dewalt DWE 6420 and Makita BO5041.

We have already discussed earlier the features involved in any orbit sanders in previous articles, proceed below to find the comparison of Bosch ROS10 vs. Bosch ROS20VSK vs. Dewalt DWE 6420 vs. Makita BO5041 based on those characteristics.

Motor: Bosch ROS10 vs Bosch ROS20VSK vs Dewalt DWE 6420 vs Makita BO5041

Bosch ROS10 and ROS20VSK includes a 2.5 amp motor for the faster operation whereas Dewalt DWE 6420 and Makita BO5041 indulges 3.0 Amp motor for the finer and smoother finish. So if you prefer a high AMP motor for your working area, then you can prefer to go with Dewalt or Makita.

Disc Size: Bosch ROS10 vs Bosch ROS20VSK vs Dewalt DWE 6420 vs Makita BO5041

While comparing the disc size of all above four orbit sanders, every product indulge a 5 inches disc hook and loop back plate for changing the papers faster and for obtaining the finer and smooth finish. So all the four products can be purchased if your consideration feature relies on the disc size.

Variable Speed: Bosch ROS10 vs Bosch ROS20VSK vs Dewalt DWE 6420 vs Makita BO5041

This feature is one of the mandatory options in every orbit sanders, the range of the adjusting speed may vary in each of the Sanders. While considering this four random orbit sanders, all of the product indulged the maximum speed level up to 12000. The minimum speed adjustment varies among them.

While considering the first two models, their minimum level starts from 7500 whereas the last two models they range from 4000 OPM for producing the superior results.

Orbit Speed: Bosch ROS10 vs Bosch ROS20VSK vs Dewalt DWE 6420 vs Makita BO5041

Orbit speed depends on the working area; you will need faster orbit speed if your work includes large wooden works or any tough applications, slower orbital speed is ok if your job involves smaller working area or smaller applications. While comparing these four orbit sanders, all includes an orbit speed.

Prefer to go with Makita and Bosch if you are working with wooden furniture or tougher applications, go for Dewalt if you are undergoing smaller wooden works or smaller applications. Bosch involves 3/64 inches, and Makita includes ⅛ inch diameter of orbital action.

Vacuum: Bosch ROS10 vs Bosch ROS20VSK vs Dewalt DWE 6420 vs Makita BO5041

All of the above random orbital sanders involves a vacuum hose adapter for collecting the dust, debris and other waste material from the compartment. Both the models of BOSCH includes 1-¼ and 1-½ inch hoses, and DEWALT includes a 1-¼ inch hoses for the dust collection.

Power Source: Bosch ROS10 vs Bosch ROS20VSK vs Dewalt DWE 6420 vs Makita BO5041

While considering the power sources, corded electric need to be preferred for performing any type of smaller to tougher applications. When comparing the power sources features of the above four models, last three type are corded electric, and the first model from Bosch is developed to be electric. You can get any of the above four models for the efficient and easier job applications.

Handles: Bosch ROS10 vs Bosch ROS20VSK vs Dewalt DWE 6420 vs Makita BO5041

A good Orbital Sanders at least need to have one handle for providing the support to the workers, here when comparing the feature of the above four models first three models Bosch ROS10 , Bosch ROS20VSK and Dewalt DWE include a single handle whereas the last model Makita BO5041 includes handles at two sides for providing the deeper comfort and support to the operator.

If you are the one who is performing high woodworking handling or any tougher applications, then Makita would be a wise choice.

Micro Filter System: Bosch ROS10 vs Bosch ROS20VSK vs Dewalt DWE 6420 vs Makita BO5041

There are chances for the dust particles or any wastes to settle inside the compartments, so to exclude them it’s good if you have a micro filter system. While considering the above models, the BOSCH orbital sanders models come with a microfilter system for filtering this waste debris and dust particles from the tool effectively. They are even able to trap any particles that are ½ micron in diameter.

The other two models do not involve a microfilter system, but they are capable of excluding the dust completely with their vacuum hose adapters itself. If your work requires tiny particles, then Bosch models would be the right pick for you.

Backing Pads: Bosch ROS10 vs Bosch ROS20VSK vs Dewalt DWE 6420 vs Makita BO5041

Ensure you are getting an orbit sanders or polishers with this support pad or sanding option to experience the smoother and finer finish at any flat, contoured or tough surfaces with ease. While considering the above four models of orbit sanders, both models of Bosch comes with a soft microcellular backing pad, and the last two model involves a sanding pad for providing the finer finish at the end.

Go with Bosch models if you need to provide 100 percent good polishing and finer finish results in the work you are performing.

Dust Canisters: Bosch ROS10 vs Bosch ROS20VSK vs Dewalt DWE 6420 vs Makita BO5041

Most of the orbit sanders will involve this Dust canister built in with them for collecting the debris, dust and other finer particles from the compartment. When comparing the quality and results of the above dust canister models, both models of BOSCH include a microfilter dust canister which is efficient when compared to the normal canisters.

You can go with any of the above four models of Bosch ROS10, Bosch ROS20VSK, Dewalt DWE 6420 and Makita BO5041 if your focus of buying a sander is related to the dust canisters. All of them are promised to produce better results so you can prefer any one of the without any confusion.

Low Vibration Design: Bosch ROS10 vs Bosch ROS20VSK vs Dewalt DWE 6420 vs Makita BO5041

Some orbit sanders will have the higher and reliable performance, but with strong vibrations, in this case, there are chances for discomfort, hand pain and other health issues for the operator operating the orbit sanders. So it’s important to choose the highly reliable small vibrations design involves orbit sanders without fail.

From the above four models, both BOSCH ROS10 and BOSCH ROS20VSk are developed with low vibration design for the operator’s comfort, smooth running and much more when compared to the other models DEWALT DWE 6420 and MAKITA BO5041.

Price: Bosch ROS10 vs Bosch ROS20VSK vs Dewalt DWE 6420 vs Makita BO5041

The above models indulged are affordable in price, DEWALT DWE 6420 comes with the lesser price when compared to other orbit sanders, the second least is the BOSCH ROS10, The third least price goes to BOSCH ROS20VSK and the highest when compared to other three models of the above orbit sanders is the MAKITA BO5041.

User Friendliness and Portability: Bosch ROS10 vs Bosch ROS20VSK vs Dewalt DWE 6420 vs Makita BO5041

While considering the portability, all the above models are designed to be light in weight for simpler and effective transportability from one place to another. All the models weigh just three to four pounds in weight, which is less when compared to other models in the market.

Bosch Models are designed specially to support beginners, the person who is not aware of the product will be able to operate the Sanders with ease. MAKITA BO5041 Sanders are ideal for finish carpenters, general contractors and woodworkers whereas DEWALT DWE 6420 Sanders will be perfect for professional woodworkers.

Bottom Line

Hope you are clear in choosing the right Random Orbit Sanders from the above four models of Bosch ROS10, Bosch ROS20VSK, Dewalt DWE 6420 and Makita BO5041.

Our overall rank when comparing all features goes to the BOSCH ROS20VSK, the second place in the line is MAKITA BO 5042, third goes to BOSCH ROS10 and the final place for DEWALT DWE 6420.

Every model of the above orbit sanders is best and unique in a particular feature. So you need to choose them wisely after knowing your needs and budget.

Have you used any of the above models for your workspaces? If yes, feel free to share your experience with us through the comment section below. Any queries, ideas, and thoughts on the models of orbit sanders are welcome.

PORTER-CABLE 7424XP Variable-Speed Polisher Review

Are you a beginner and looking for a simple, convenient and affordable orbital sander for sanding any uneven edges, surfaces, woodwork and much more? If so, Porter Cable 7424XP Variable Speed Polisher would be the right pick for you.

Today we are going to have a brief look at the characteristics and specification indulged in this extraordinary variable speed polisher from PORTER-CABLE.

What makes the PORTER-CABLE 7424XP Variable-Speed Polisher Popular?

There are multiple features that make the PORTER-CABLE polisher a preferred and famous among the customer, but the main point is its affordability and the result of finer finish even for the toughest applications.

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User Friendliness

Apart from that, the manufacturer has designed this orbit sanders to be user-friendly, people who are not aware of the product too can use the product with ease. The orbit sander is much powerful so that the results can be achieved faster without taking much effort.


The PORTER-CABLE orbital sanders include a 4.5 amp motor for performing the job faster; this helps for random orbit and high overload protection.

Variable Speed

The variable speed indulged in this PORTER CABLE polisher helps in adjusting the speed based on the nature of work you are doing it, the range you can adjust falls in the range between 2500 to 6800 RPM. Apart from the adjustment, this feature along with the help of treatments and pads, allows you to use the tools as preferred.

Central Spindle

The polishes involve a central spindle which rotates depending on the electric offset to reduce the burning of any hard substances like paint so that you get the stunning smooth and shiny consistent finish, this is also achieved with the randomness indulged in the polisher.


The PORTER CABLE 7424XP which consists of a dual position side handle on the left and right side helps in controlling the whole machine. You can change the placement of handle based on your comfort

Counter Weight

The orbit sanders come with a counterweight of 5 inches without involving a backing plate for performing the work faster and providing effective results. You can make use of the hook and loop pads if you are not comfortable with the counter weight, but you need to get a hook and loop backing plate from the store to use it.

Advantages of PORTER CABLE 7424XP Polisher

There are many benefits includes, some top pros of the variable speed polishers are

  • Easy to use
  • Simple operation
  • Even beginner can use the product without any struggles or difficulties.
  • Compact
  • Light Weight
  • Affordable and a great value for money

Disadvantage of PORTER CABLE 7424Xp Polisher

As a coin has both sides, all product will have their negatives too along with the positive. Few things can be improved in this variable speed polisher which involves

The product does not Include a Hook and Loop Backing Plate.

Polishing pads are not durable, but this can be replaced.

Final Thoughts

Our overall considerations and thoughts on this PORTER CABLE 7424XP Variable Speed Polisher are

The orbit sanders are centerpiece equipment for beginners. There are many persons who use this as a polishers or buffers for their cars, best for polishing paint job, applying wax and eliminating swirls. The minimal vibration involved is safer for any persons, and there are no chances for hand pain or other related issues.

The quiet, free operation indicates that the operator can perform their work faster and easier with much comfort in whatever conditions or environments. The variable speed and motor are the greater plus points in this PORTER CABLE 7427XP polisher.

So we suggest that you can get this variable speed polisher for their quality, affordability, convenience and for the comfort they provide during the work. Ideal for any users who need a compact and lightweight tool to have a one in their small garage.

PORTER CABLE 382 Random Orbit Sanders Review

When you want to smooth the rough surface, you need sand papers or use your hand for rubbing over the surface. The advantage of using Orbit Sanders is that you can smooth the surface easily. The Porter cable introduces a new model 382 Random orbital sanders and has built it with the number of unique features that are not indulged in their previous models of orbital sanders. Let’s discuss about the Porter Cable 382 Random Orbit Sanders in detail below.

PORTER CABLE 382 Random Orbit Sanders

With 100 years of experience, Porter Cable plays an important role in producing powerful tools and one of their products is Random Orbit Sanders. You can use this tool for your professional work and with no doubt you will see good result. As they are affordable in rate, the price falls within your budget.

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This product works with the speed of 12,000 Revolutions per minute and this is ample for wide range of materials including wooden pieces. This product is entirely made up of hard plastic rather than using soft rubber materials. The design of the product is amazing and the user can rest their hand comfortably.

The button plays an important role to start any electric machines and particularly for this product, the buttons functions ultimately. If you want to start your work with the help of Orbit Sanders you have to plug in and switch on the power so that you can perform the work with ease.

You can use this product within eight feet as you are provided with eight feet power cord. The sander consists of sanding pad at the bottom and it accepts eight loop sandpaper disk, the pad is used to secure the disk and the plastic hooks reduce damages, the pad can be removed if you loosen three screws.

Dust Collector

This model comes with dust collector known as canister filter, this is in the form of cloth bag and it collects the dust regularly. You have to empty the bag frequently and therefore it can reduce your cleaning Work.


If you use fine sand papers then the motor works well and you can achieve good result, otherwise it leaves some visible scratches. If you want your sanders to work well you should avoid using course grit disk and it makes your work easy. This model is available with balanced fan for eliminating vibrations, if we use tools for a long session it will generates more heat, but using this model you can overcome this problem.

Pros- PORTER CABLE 382 Random Orbit Sanders

  • It provides dust free working environment
  • It provides smooth finishing
  • Anti-Vibrator for reducing vibrations
  • Light weight and reduces your working time
  • You can change sanding disc easily
  • You can get in affordable price

Cons- PORTER CABLE 382 Random Orbit Sanders

  • If you use course grit, then the machine will slow down
  • You couldn’t find any rubber grip
  • The length of the cord is limited
  • It works in Single speed

The Bottom Line

PORTER CABLE 382 Random Orbit Sanders useful for both professional application and will help you to perform your work at home itself easily, the manufacturer is providing three year warranty and one year free service.

Black & Decker BDERO100 Random Orbit Sander Review

Sanders is a powerful equipment for smoothing high-end uneven surfaces, edges, wooden furniture and other tough areas with the help of abrasive materials or sandpaper.

If you are the one who is looking for an orbital sander that needs to provide you an ultra smooth finish for whatever task you are performing, then we have the right orbital sander based on your expectations.

Yeah, today on our blog, let’s check out the model BDER100 Random Orbit Sanders from the popular Manufacturer Black & Decker below.

Few Words about the Manufacturer

Black & Decker is in the market from the early 1910 and has developed thousands of innovative and standard power accessories, tools, outdoors, home cleaning products, and much more.

Black & Decker is the incorporater of the first electric grill that came along with a trigger switch and pistol grip. This product from the manufacturer is gaining a lot of positive feedback and response from the customers.

Black & Decker BDERO100 Random Orbit Sander Review

Experience the professional looking material you worked on adapting to this Black 7 Decker Random Orbit Sanders. The unique and primary feature for the popularity is the consistent sanding on any tough wood works, uneven edges or any tougher projects.

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Orbital Action

The random orbit action is being the reason for the consistent, ultra smooth and accurate finish; this prevents any sandy marks from delivering your high-quality result with the help of the random action.

Trouble free Use

Any person who does not have any experience in operating a bench grinder too can use the product with ease. Woodworking and sanding can be achieved without much effort with the help of this BDER100 Random Orbit Sanders.

Hook & Loop System

The sander comes with the hook and loop system to change the paper for providing the efficient results. Changing paper has to be modified based on the material you are choosing to work with. This is achieved easily without any hassle and helps in saving a lot of time for you. Swapping the paper will not take more than 5 seconds which means you are not going to face any difficulties in changing them.

Non-Slippery & Hold Option

Holding the equipment is comfortable and easy, they are developed nonslippery so that you can grip the tool without much struggle. The secure hold option in the tool helps you to work with more comfort even if you are working on some of the toughest materials like huge doors, tables or cabinets.

Solid Grip

The firm grip provides you a secure feeling while working with the different part of the materials. The ergonomic design reduces the worker’s fatigue and prevents from getting any hand cramps even if you are working for a large period.


The weight of the product is designed to be lightweight, and therefore portability is made easier, measures about 3.2 pounds. Comes with the dimension of 7X5X6 inches, the small footprint indicates that the device is easy to store and handle.

Power Source

The electric cord is considered to be the power source of this device and help in emitting the continuous source of energy without any difficulties.

Dust Seal

The dust seal provides the stronger protection against any debris, dust and any other waste particles and therefore you are ensured for the durability.

Warranty & Price

The manufacturer is providing two years limited warranty, and therefore you can get the product without any hesitation. The price of the product is affordable, best value for the money you spent on them.

Overall Consideration

While considering the overall features, we come to the point that the BDERO100 Random Orbit Sanders is one of the powerful equipment that helps you to take on multiple types of applications such as refinishing the porch, cleaning furniture sets, sanding tables and cabinets, sanding robust application, etc. without any struggle. This will help in withstanding of the material for an extended period.

Any ideas, thoughts, and queries on the above topic can be enquired through the comment section below.

Have you used this Black & Decker BDERO100 Random Orbit Sander for your works?

How to choose a Orbital Sander

Are you a person who is a novice carpenter (or) a home improvement enthusiast (or) a person who DIY buff? Then you will need an orbital sander for perfect sanding, creating, repairing or renovating things around the working area or home.

What is an Orbital Sander?

The Sander acts as a powerful tool that runs on air and electricity for sanding any uneven edges, various surfaces, and materials with ease. There are different models of Orbital sanders available in the market, choosing the best one is mandatory for experiencing the smoother and fine polishing surface.

Some of the standard features indulged in orbital sanders are variable speed settings, dust collection system, orbital settings, etc. But the main feature and specification vary in each model of the orbital sanders. Today we are going to look in brief about choosing the best orbital sanders for the higher performance.

Tips on Choosing an Orbital Sander

Here are some of the key characteristics to look for while choosing an orbital sander.

Disc Size:

Disc size needs to be determined based on the surface area you are working with, go for the larger discs for, the bigger surfaces and smaller discs for the tiny working areas.

Variable Speed Option

Most of the orbital sanders come with this feature for the high-end performance; they provide greater control over the rotating speed. The adjusting speed option varies from slower to faster for the practical results.

Motor Power

The power varies and makes a huge difference in each model of the orbital sanders, go for the sanders that have the maximum power for obtaining the efficient and accurate results. Larger power in AMP means you sander can handle uneven surfaces, edges and any tougher applications with ease.

Orbit Speed

This depends upon the models, if your works require a large surface or any wooden related types, then it’s important you choose the Sanders with faster orbit speed. If your working area involves only a small projects and less wooden works, then slower orbit sanders would be large enough for you.

Dust Control

If you are going to sand it with more power and speed, then you will need large dust canister for collecting the dust, debris and other waste material from the compartment.

Hook & Loop or PSA

Both of the terms help to change sandpapers reliably. At first, you will find changing sand pads easy, but it gets tougher once you go deeper into the projects. PSA which means Pressure Sensitive Adhesive is an abrasive disk which gets attached to the sanding head to the sanding head.

While considering a hook & loop system, a velcro attachment helps in managing the pads and an easier process when compared to the PSA, but Hook and loop system are higher in price when compared with the Pressure Sensitive Adhesive systems.

Vacuum Attachment

Few models will consist of built-in dust collections, whereas some needs vacuum attachment to collect the debris, dust and other waste materials. Based on the work you perform you can choose the desired one among the market.

Grip handles

Orbital sanders are mainly brought for their comfort provided; right orbital sanders should contain ergonomic grip handles for providing the stronger support to the users. If your orbital sanders come with weak grip handles, then you experience wrist and hand problems. You need to check for the maneuverability and vibration for the grip comfort.

Bottom Line

Hope you are clear in choosing orbital sanders for your smaller or larger works, choose the right orbital sanders that provide the proper finish, smoothing, shaping and prepped applications.

Any ideas, thoughts, and queries on the topic are welcome.

Craftsman Vs Porter Cable Vs Ryobi: 8-inch Bench Grinders

If you want to do your works like sharpening, smoothening, fitting and welding your tools by yourself, you should go for a multitasking tool available in the market and Bench Grinders are one of the identical choices. This tool makes your work quite easy and simple, you can use bench grinders for both professional and house hold works.

What do you need to check?

There are few things to consider when you are purchasing good bench grinders namely power, durability and cost, Apart from that you have to also check out some of the features given below

  1. Motor

Motor plays an important role in any machine operation and you need to check motor speed based up on revolutions per minute. Some bench grinder works on the full one-horse motor and few works less than one-horse motor power. The speed of the motor should be adjustable and the best motor speed range should be at least 3000.

  1. Guard Type

The guard is mainly useful for covering the grinder of your tools and it should protect your hands from the rotating grinders, you have to also check whether the guard is easily adjustable or not.

  1. Anti-Vibrator

Your hands may shake due to motor vibration and this leads to mistakes in your work, the vibration can be eliminated using cast aluminum base on your tools, while you pick a brand you have to check this feature to reduce vibrations.

  1. Protection Shield

When the grinder touches the material it produces sparks and so you need a shield to take protection against spark. The shield should protect your face and grinder from the spark, otherwise, you can wear goggles while working with bench grinders.

  1. Adjustable Lights

You can find additional feature in some of the new bench grinders, that is built with lights, this should be developed adjustable so that you can adjust them as per your need, most of them comes the simple touch of a button for illuminating as much you want.

  1. Warranty

Warranty is important characteristics to look for when you buy any products, most of the manufacturers are providing warranty for at least one year along with the one year service. You must check warranty details before selecting your Bench Grinder.

  1. Price

Bench Grinders are available at different price levels and you need to choose cheapest and the durable one. For best performance, you have to choose Bench grinders above 100 dollars.

Craftsman Vs Porter Cable Vs Ryobi

After a deep research, we listed the top three brands which are preferred by the professionals, and we checked the quality of the products based up on the customer reviews.

8-inch Bench Grinders from Craftsman

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Professional Bench Grinder from Craftsman is useful for wide range of applications such as grinding, sharpening and buffing. It includes wheel dresser for a nice finish, apart from that there is also an adjustable incandescent work light and grinder. It comes with two different wheels, one for grinding objects and another one for sharpening tools.

The versatility of this Bench Grinder is water cooling tray and comes with user-friendly features such as wheel guard for spark arrest and eye shield. This 8-inch bench grinder works with the variable speed of 2000 to 3400 RPM. The variable speed can be controlled by the potentiometer which is the part of Printed Circuit Board (PCB) and works with high Revolutions per minute. You can get 8-inch diameter wheel cover and one year warranty for this product.

8-inch Bench Grinders from Porter Cable

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Like previous one Bench Grinder from porter cable is useful for sharpening and grinding a wide variety of materials, ideal for garden tools, knives, and blades. It includes grinder, grinding wheels, and wheel roster. Apart from this, it has safety guards like spark guard and eye shield.

The interesting part of using this tool is cast iron base with rubber feet and thus increases durability and decreases vibration of the machine while performing operations. The 5.0 Amp induction motor delivers speed ranges between 2000 to 3400 Revolutions per minute.

The size of the wheel is 8-inch in diameter and you can adjust the speed for different materials, it provides better illumination for your work area with 40-watt flexible work lamp. The source of the power is electric-powered and the tool weight is 39.87 lbs.

If you buy Bench Grinders from Porter cable they will provide a three-year warranty along, one-year free service and 90-days money-back guarantee.

8-inch Bench Grinders from Ryobi

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Another best brand is Ryobi, and is useful for smoothening rough edges, sharpening blunt edges and also can reshape your tools. It includes cast-iron foot plate, grinding wheel, spark shield and LED lights. The 3 Amp motor with dual wheel produces 3600 Revolutions per minutes and provides ample current for your task.

It has cast aluminum base for reducing vibration, with the help of grinding coolant tray you can cool the material and adjustable work rest for wheel longevity. You can get this product in green color and the total weight of the product is 18 lb.

Bench Grinders from Ryobi provides three-year warranty and if you find any problem you can return this product within 90 days.

Which one is best?

These top three brands secured good reviews from the customers and making a comparison between these products is a difficult job. You must buy your Bench grinder based up on your needs, if you want to buy bench grinders with high motor speed then the best choice is 8-inch Bench Grinder from Ryobi and the remaining two products works with same ranges. If you prefer safety then these three manufacturers are Picasso in it by providing eye shield and safe guard.

If you need a warranty for three years and one-year free service with 90-day cash-back opportunity then you have to buy porter cable. Among these three products, our choice is Ryobi, because you can get this in affordable price with better features and the quality seems good than other two products.

I hope you have found the best Bench Grinders for your work. If you are using any of the above products please share us your experience through the comment section below.

Bosch Random Orbital Sander Review

Quality is the most important aspect to consider in every product you buy, While considering the sanders it’s mandatory you go with the premium quality for getting the accurate and perfect output as a result. Sanding with scratch marks, swirl and incorrect sanding will lead to inefficiency and disappointment in work.

What is a Random Orbital Sander?

A Random Orbital sander is an effective hand held equipment for sanding which indulges a sanding blade for delivering the random orbit action. This pattern occurs when spinning and moving the sanding disk simultaneously in small ellipses.

The important thing you need to ask yourself before purchasing the random orbital sander is that, from which manufacturer you are going to get this orbital sanders from. Today in our article, we are going to check about a reliable, efficient and all primary quality indulged random orbital sander manufacturer “BOSCH” in detail.

Why Choose Bosch Random Orbital Sanders?

The important reason to choose the Bosch random orbital sanders is for their high reliable features that will help to provide the finer finish and desired output as per the work involved.

Few characteristics involved in all product sof Bosch Random Orbital Sanders involves

  • The perfect Grip
  • Light weight
  • Hook and loop for faster changing discs
  • Vibration reduction
  • Fancy schmancy filter within the dust collector
  • Variable Speed Option
  • Maximum RPM
  • Swirl free sanding
  • Microfilter dust capture

Top 3 picks of BOSCH Random Orbital Sanders

If you are searching for the BOSCH Random Orbital Sanders online, you will get dozens of products from them, but choosing the reliable, high quality and an apt one for your applications and working area is mandatory. Here are three best picks of random orbital sanders from BOSCH that is gaining a tremendous response and positive feedback from every customer.

I assure these three picks would fit your applications correctly as they indulge all necessary requirements a high grade random orbital sanders should have.

1250DEVS Random Orbital Sanders from BOSCH

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If you are the lover of BOSCH products, then you will never fail to choose this random orbital sander for your applications. From uneven edges to car furniture polishing, you will result in the finer finish with this orbital sanders. This is well built Sanders that is ideal for small working mediums to the professional mediums.

What Key Features makes the Product Unique?

The price of the product may not be affordable, but the high-quality features and performance will leave you stunning. One of the best-corded Sanders that provide superior and reliable results at the end. You can shift between the aggressive turbo mode and random orbit mode occasionally with the help of the simple mode selector.

Another special feature of the BOSCH random orbital sander is the product indulges two sanding modes namely random orbit mode and turbo drove eccentric orbit mode. The first way helps in fine finishing and also for removing the stocks typically.

The second mode is for the aggressive stock, and the fact is that this is five times efficient when compared to the normal random orbit mode.

Other Feature and Specifications

The weight of the product measures about 5.3 lbs which are less in weight so that the portability is made easier. The sander indulges a dual mode motor and produces a powerful 6.5AMP helps in increasing the speed as per your work or applications.

The hook and loop enable faster discs to change . starting is soft so that it helps to avoid the runoff by reducing the startup torque. Swirl marks can be prevented while removing a sander with the help of the pad dampening system.

The gear housing that is built in is made of high-quality aluminum for the extended use, the pad mount which is a dual bearing one help in reducing the amount of vibration and wobble. The variable speed dial option lets you adjust the speed as per the requirement; the maximum speed range is about 3100 to 6650 OPM.

The important thing every customer liked the product is their dust vacuum system; the vacuum hooks up enables you to collect any dust, debris from the system with ease.

Amazon Review Feedback: 85 % of the reliable and trusted purchased buyers have rated the five stars.

3725DEVS Random Orbital Sander from BOSCH

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The second product from BOSCH in our best picks is the 3725DEVS Random Orbital Sander. This is one of the fine finishing and high-speed random orbit sanders that indulged superior performance for providing the good results.

Uniqueness of BOSCH 3726 DEVS Orbital standards

The important and special feature of this Orbital Sander is their stock Removal, Dust Collection, and the extraordinary finishing quality.

Key Features & Specifications of BOSCH 3725DEVS Orbital Sanders

Proceed below to check for the characteristics and features of this BOSCH Random Orbit Sanders.

The sander comes with a 3.3 amp motor for the rapid sprinting of orbit action, the variable speed adjustment allows you to modify the speed level as per your applications or working tune.

The speed can be adjusted between 4500 and 12000 OPM. The auxiliary handle accompanied in the orbital sanders can be removed for the congested working places and close quarter works.

The dust canister that is made of the micro filter helps in sucking more amount of dust, debris and other waste particles from the component faster when compared to other orbital sanders. The hook and loop pad system that is installed within the system assist you in faster and easier sandpaper changing.

Overall, this model of random orbital sanders is a Luxury model established in the BOSCH orbital sanders models.

While taking on the line of Ergonomics, the switch indulged is good, the trigger involved comes with a lock on button for easy operation even if you are wearing a glove. The speed dial option, rear handle, and the grips are designed in a good way.

While considering the vibration level, the running tool is designed to run smoothly for producing low vibration while performing any works. The tracking and land on works are developed in an extraordinary way so that the operation is made simpler and faster. The manufacturer is providing one year warranty for this 3725 DEV Random Orbit Sander.

Amazon Reviews Feedback: More than 59 percent of trusted customers have voted 5 out of 5-star ratings.

Random ROS20VSC Orbit Sander from BOSCH

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The last pick in our top three picks of random orbit sanders of BOSCH product is ROS20VSC mode. This five-inch Sanders has gained a lot of popularity in the midst of multiple customers for their premium quality material at an affordable rate. You can go with this model if you prefer to choose a real quality model from BOSCH.

Unique Feature of ROS20VSC Random Orbital Sanders

Dust Extraction system, comfortable, ergonomics option and the hook & loop disc attachments are considered to the special feature of this Bosch model.

Other Specifications & Key Features

This a sander that is powered by a 2.5 AMP motor and has the option of variable speed for the adjustability. The range falls between 7500 to 12000 OPM. Just a dial option in the system helps to control the speed with ease.

Most of the orbital sanders lag behind for the poor motor, but there were no reviews from any customers regarding the motor burning, therefore this is a good signal. So you can go with the product without any hesitation.

The hook and loop disc attachment involved is responsible for the faster disc changes. While considering the Ergonomics, the system indulged a reliable grip, handle, discs, paper, and low vibration are produced for the worker’s comfort and support.

As this sander contains only one speed, there are chances for leaving swirl marks and also gouge while starting. The main aspect is that the orbital sander is a corded one and comes with a dust carrying bag for collecting all the debris, dust and other materials from the equipment.

Comes with the dimension of 5X6X9 inches and weighs 3.5 lbs and therefore portability is made easier. Overall, I assure you that this model ROS20VSC is an wonderful sander at a pretty affordable price.

Amazon Reviews Feedback: 76 percent of the trusted and verified purchased customers have rated five stars for this ROS20VSC Random Orbital Sanders.

Final Thoughts

Hope you are clear to choose the best BOSCH Random Orbit Sander products from the above-detailed description on their reliable and highly performing sanders. The above-listed products from BOSCH are truly effective, affordable and reliable ones.

If you have any suggestions, ideas, and thoughts on the above products, feel free to share with us through the comment section below.

Has anyone of you used any one of the above BOSCH Random Orbit Sanders for your applications or working area?




Top 10 Best Orbital Sander

Sanders is equipment that helps in smoothing any rough surfaces, sawed edges and rough spots. You can find this sander in different size and shapes. While considering the woodworking sanders, most of them would be electrical. Whereas an auto body repair shop would use a sander which is driven by the compressed air.

Sanders are classified into two main types namely Orbital Sanders and Belt Sanders. Today in our article we are going to look for the first category in brief. I assure this article would act as a perfect guide and a centerpiece in knowing about the orbital sanders completely.

Buying Guide | Orbital Sanders

Proceed below to check out the complete details on the Orbital Sanders, their types, characteristics, styles available, best products and much more in detail.

What is an Orbital Sander?

A tool or device that is used for smoothening any wood project, furniture item or any rough surface to eliminate the sanding marks. It is even capable of smoothing the car’s surface.

There are two basic forms of orbital sanders namely the standard and random orbital sanders. Standard one indulges a square sanding pad, and you can find its movement in an orbital fashion. Whereas a random orbital sander moves in an elliptical pattern and also spins a circular sanding disk.

Random orbital sanders act faster when compared to the standard orbital sanders, and this is one of the versatile tools and is capable of producing a firmer finish. Traditional orbital sanders are easy for the beginners, but the result will not be up to the mark.

Characteristics to consider while choosing an Orbital Sander

Here are some of the things you need to know while picking an orbital sander for your use.

  • Ask yourself whether you are clear of the working principle of this Orbital Sanders if not know it in brief and then for the right orbital sander for you.
  • Know for what purpose you are going to choose an Orbital Sanders, for the woodworking project or any other cases.
  • You should be aware which version of the orbital sanders you need for your works, sheet sanders or the random orbital sanders.
  • You can go with the sheet sanders if you need to smoothen your wooden work or furniture with sandpapers. This also features the grip variations, variable speed control, and dust protection.
  • Go with Random Orbital Sanders if you are the collapse of choosing the best version as this sander is capable of smoothing all kind of surfaces or material with ease. This uses the small circular and elliptical patterns while working with the wooden surfaces.

Benefits of Orbital Sanders

Here are some of the advantages of orbital sanders listed below

Variable Handles: Most of the random orbital sanders have variable handles so that you can choose this for any task for the comfort. Some may have one-handed pal shaped grip, other few contains the barrel grip styles for the support and can be used for various type of work.

Portable: While considering other versions and styles, random orbital sanders are the portable ones.

Pads: You can find 5 or 6-inch diameter pads in all type of random orbital sanders, this act as a great support for any DIY projects.

PSA Abrasive Disc: Random orbital sanders use both PSA abrasive discs and peel- stick for their works, the benefit is that they are not much expensive when compared to the velcro type and the hook-loop disc used in the other orbital sanders.

Lightweight: These sanders are too light in weight so that you can carry it to any place easily.

Styles of Orbital Sanders

While considering the Random Orbital Sanders, there are three styles available for the support and comfort.

Palm-Grip Style:

This style is one of the simplest and minimum efforts involved orbital sanders that can be easily held with the grip while performing the woodwork or while smoothing any surfaces and are used for small narrow projects.

Right Angle Style:

Do you need extra power while doing any woodwork? Then you need to choose this right angle style for the faster working experience. The unique feature of this Sanders is the gears that act as the centerpiece of both motor unit and the sanding pad.

The Sanders have a negative part too, the overall speed of the Sanders will be low when compared to other styles. The best part of the sander is that you can easily get rid of the paint from any furniture, wooden surface or any other area with ease.

Large in Line Sanders:

Are you the one who is working on large sanding projects which will need high speed at particular surfaces only? If yes, the right type of sander you need to choose is Large in line style. A powerful motor that helps in increasing the speed whenever you need, but you need to use your hands while operating the device.

Here is a video that provides you a visual presentation, explaining about the best orbital sanders.

Top 10 picks of Best Orbital Sanders

Once you are clear in getting the right type of orbital sanders for smoothening any wooden surface, furniture or rough edges, now it’s mandatory that you pick the right product and the manufacturer for the highly reliable performance.

To help you guys, our team of professional has researched, analyzed and tested many products and have picked the top 10 lists of Orbital Sanders that have high customer reviews, ratings, quality, durability and the product that is gaining more performance in the market.

OS50VC Variable Speed Orbital Sander from Bosch

No wonder the Bosch orbital sanders topping the first place in our top picks. One of the powerful sheet sanders that are capable of producing the smooth finish and handling to your work has many additional features and specifications to make the product a unique one.

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The superior suspension system along with the die-cast aluminum gear housing that is rugged endures you with the stronger support and maximum comfort, the another reason for the superiority is the vibration control design. Screw off cap involved in the tool helps you to eliminate the dust by removing the dust canister from the device.

Another way of getting rid of the dust without any struggle is the vacuum hose connection that indulges the process by controlling the airflow evenly. 3.4 Amps is the ample power required for the standard orbital sanding and the faster removal rate.

Paper tensioning system that is involved in this sheet sander system for accepting stick on paper and enabling the perfect paper fit is altogether named as the superior sheetloc paper clamping system. The variable speed dial option allows the matching of power and speed to work faster, simple and for the efficient performance.

The dust canister that is made of translucent microfilter indulges the screw off cap and the integrated paper filter for easier and faster emptying. The price of the product is high but worth the money invested on the product, weighs about 6 pounds and therefore portability is made easier. Comes with the dimension of 17.9X5.8X8.9 inches.

Non-Vacuum 59020 Random Orbital Sander from Dynabrade

The innovation design and the high-quality power tools involved in the orbital sanders has been the reason for ranking the second place in our best picks, the manufacturer has developed the Sanders in a reliable and efficient way that all of their customers will love it. There are multiple additional specifications and featured indulged in this version when compared to the previous ones.

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There are vacuum conversion kits available with the random orbital sanders, and this is considered to be the optional one. With the help of this kit, you can convert any non vacuum to a central vacuum tool or a vacuum tool with self-generation technique.

Extra wrist support and hand support is possible with the superior platform in the orbital sanders. Maximum power is maintained throughout the end of the working with less air. While depression is caused the housing grips get recessed from the throttle level and this is being the reason for getting rid of the pressure point on the worker’s palm and hands.

Speed can be controlled as per the work; this control allows regulation of any tool speed with the help of your thumb. Overhead and sanding applications are achieved with lighter air motor assembly.

Contaminants are kept out with the help of the double row balance bearing. The price of the product is high, but a great value for the money is about 1.4 pounds in weight and comes with the dimension of 10.7X6.3X4.4 inches.

Variable Speed 7424XP Random Orbital Sander from PORTER-CABLE

Are you in search of orbital sanders for sanding and polishing marine and automotive projects? If yes, this orbital sander would be the right option for you. The sanders that are 6 inches in size has many attractive features to make the product a unique one and this tops third place in our best picks of Orbital Sanders.

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The high speed 4.5 Amp motor is responsible for the random orbit, and superior overload protection, the polishing pad that measured 6 inches is being a great support for performing any DIY, marine and automotive projects.

Electronic variable speed is possible with this Sanders and is capable of operating at a speed of 2500 to 6800 orbits per minute when accompanied with the swirl free polishing and sanding action. The reason for the extended longevity is the roller bearing and the full band construction.

There is a side handle at both sides of the Sanders for the greater support; this can be removed for control and comfort. The price of the product is high but worth the money you spent on this orbital sanders. They are developed in light in weight so that easy portability is achieved.

Weighs about 5.8 pounds and comes with a dimension of 11.5 inches in length, 10.5 inches in width and 6 inches in height. The manufacturer is providing with one-year free service and three-year warranty for the product, therefore get the product without any hesitation.

D26453K Random Orbital Sanders from DEWALT

Do you need to experience the cleaner and smoother finish of any wooden work, furniture, rough surface or wedges? Prefer to go with this Sanders as they are made with unique functionalities for achieving the finer finish. This product from the traditional indoor and outdoor tools making manufacturer DEWALT captures the fourth place in our best picks of Orbital Sanders.

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The 3.0 amp motor and the controlling finishing system that is being trademarked comes with the textured grips for the greater controlling and support. There is a dust bag that helps in keeping your workspace safe and clean. Apart from that, you can feel the comfort for a long period even experiencing the tougher work.

Reduced fatigue and improved handling are possible with the counterbalance dual plane fan. The manufacturer has developed this random orbital sander with a versatile design and quick disk to come for extended years.

While considering the construction, the sealed ball bearing along with the dust sealed switch eliminate the debris, dust and other material away from the tools and ensure you with the durable tool life.

The dust bag made of premium quality materials is responsible for the greater performance of stripping and sanding tasks. Comes with a vacuum adapter which is built in within, can be used it with an extractor or a shop vac for the tougher applications.

You get a tool bag, dust bag, vacuum adapter along with the product when calculating the price; they are nothing when compared to their reliable performance. Measures 3.5 pounds and therefore portable. Comes with the dimension of 9.5X13X6.8 inches.

BO5041K Random Orbit Sanders from Makita

We have already discussed earlier the manufacturer, and another product from them also captures a place in our best picks of Orbital Sanders. The manufacturer is popular for producing high-quality industrial tools and provides industrial accessories all around.

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Faster, smoother and finer finish is achieved with the 3.0 AMP motor, the orbital sander has the variable speed control so that you can adjust it as per the working applications you perform, the speed reliable from the Sanders is about 4000 to 1200 OPM.

There are ergonomic handle and a hand grip which rubberized for providing the improved control and comfort for the operator. The handle at the front allows smoothing and sanding in confined and corner areas. The lock on button indulged in the trigger can be operated with your two fingers and can be used continuously as per the operator comfort.

The polishing and sanding pad helps in faster smooth and fine finishing; the dust can be collected easily with the help of the dust bag. You can experience the cleaner work environment with this pad dust collection system. You can also check out the reduced gouging and increased performance with the pad break in the tool.

The ball bearing construction is developed in an oversized way for the longer tool life. The price of the product is high but worth the money spent on the tool, measures about 3.1 pounds in weight and therefore easier portability is possible. Comes with the dimension of 7.5X16.3X10.3 inches.

6034-21 Palm Random Orbit Sanders from Milwaukee

This sander is a five inches Chinese tool that helps to smooth your rough edges and woodworks efficiently, the durable product from MILWAUKEE ranks sixth in our best picks of top orbital sanders.

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Recommended for any small and medium projects, the manufacturer has developed this sander in low weight to make the portability easier. The additional accessories indulged within the product involves a sanding pad, dust box, and a carrying case. The variable speed option ranges from 7000 to 1200 OPM.

The reliable 3.0 amp motor is responsible for the greater sanding experience. This random orbital sander is designed to be used reliably and easily so that any person can use the product. There is a vacuum hose adapter which is considered to be a universal one and is capable of fitting into any sizes.

The anti-vibration option ensures the perfect control of the tools and also provides the low vibration wherever necessary. There is a filter that comes with the dust canister for eliminating the dust, debris and other waste particles from components.

You will be able to install any 5 inches sanding discs and use for the reliable performance. The price of the product is affordable and measures 4.5 pounds in weight. Comes with the dimension of 14.1X4.2X5.5 inches.

ROS20VSK Random Orbit Sanders from BOSCH

This product from the reliable manufacturer Bosch has been designed to provide the exact finish to any woodwork, furniture, cabinets, etc. The rotation and the pad orbit combine to achieve the well blended and faster removal with ease, and this ranks seventh in our best picks of Orbit Sanders.

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Pad braking and pad dampening system is developed to get rid of the complaints that occurred in the previous models. The Pliable pad helps in providing the smoother finish on any contoured or flat surfaces. The extra accessory indulged along with the product involves Soft backing pad, vacuum hose adapter, sanding disk and a carrying case.

The manufacturer has developed this especially for stopping the swirls, and this is possible with the pad dampening braking system. The attachment involves 35,000 long-life hooks provides the secure firm grip while using the tools. The variable speed control indulged can be adjusted as per the applications the operator work on.

The adjustable speed ranges from 7500 to 1200 OPM and an extra option available. The microfilter system that is built in traps all the dust particles even the ½ micron diameter particles with ease. The canister is made compact for identifying the dust level easily and also for the faster detachment.

The ergonomic soft grip top body helps in using the tool on various grip positions, for reducing hand fatigue easily. The low vibration mode provides the maximum comfort and ensures you for the durability. Measures about 3.5 pounds in weight and comes with the dimension of 9X5X6 inches.

BO5031k Random Orbital Sanders from Makita

The popular manufacturer in making industrial tools and equipment has ranked eighth in our top picks of best orbital sanders, Perfect for the carpenters and woodworkers who need an extraordinary class random orbit sanders for the finer finish and faster performance.

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Quicker and smoother sanding is achieved with the help of 3.0 AMP motor, the variable speed control helps to adjust the speed as per the applications the operator works. The random orbit action of ⅛”” is delivered for the super smooth and faster sanding experience.

There is a pad controlled system for controlling the speed of the pad while starting the equipment; the pad dust collection is present within the system for experiencing the cleaner working environment. Contamination around the working system can be minimized with the help of the switch that is dust sealed within the orbital sanders.

The ball bearing construction ensures you for the durability. The extra accessory that comes along with the product involves an abrasive disc, tool case and a dust bag, measures 7.5 pounds in weight and comes with the dimension of 8.5X6.8 X 15.7 inches.

5 inch 382 Random Orbital Sanders from PORTER-CABLE

The manufacturer who has more than 100 years of experience in producing performance driven tools and equipment has designed this orbital sanders with multiple functionalities to make the unique product one among the other sanders available in the market; this ranks ninth in our top picks of best orbital sanders.

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Ideal for the workers who are performing professional sanding and DIY applications, also perfect for the random pattern and fine sanding which does not leave any gouges and swirls in the material. Faster and reliable performance is achieved with 1.9 amp motor and thus capable of producing 12,000 OPM.

The high premium quality ball bearing construction ensures the durability, They are developed light in weight so that you can take them wherever you need to take them to. The counterbalanced fan made with a dual plane will be the reason for reducing the worker’s fatigue.

The dust-sealed switch helps to prevent from any dust particles and ingestion for the longer life span and long term usage. The price of the product is affordable, measures 3.6 pounds in weight and comes with the dimension of 8X9X7 inches.

BDERO100 5 inch Random Orbital Sanders from Black & Decker

The manufacturer who is in the market since 1910 and are popular of developing innovative tools, equipment and accessories for outdoor yard care equipment, automotive lighting products, home cleaning products and other home improvement products. This product from the manufacturer has captured the tenth place in our top picks of Orbital Sanders.

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Experience the efficient, faster and simpler material removal with the help of this 5-inch random orbital sanders. Perfect for the workers who perform DIY application projects. The hook and loop system helps in making simpler and faster paper changes for the reliable performance.

The switch that is dust sealed contribute in eliminating any specks of dust and debris from the extensive components to experience the cleaner working environment. The price of the product is less when compared to other orbital sanders available in the market, measures about 3.2 pounds in weight and comes with the dimension of 7X5X6 inches.

Bottom Line

Choose an orbital sander that is sturdy, durable and matches up for your work entirely; another important specification is that the orbital sanders should involve a 100 percent ball bearing construction for the reliable performance.

Hope the above buying guide and the best products of orbital sanders might help you in choosing the apt one for your work. If you are confused still, the best thing is to ask any of your relative or nearby homeowners about the orbital sanders they are using and which would be the right orbital sanders for your work.

Have you used any of the above orbital sanders for your applications or work? If yes, feel free share us your experience with us. You can also mention your ideas and thoughts on the above article below.