PORTER-CABLE 7424XP Variable-Speed Polisher Review

Are you a beginner and looking for a simple, convenient and affordable orbital sander for sanding any uneven edges, surfaces, woodwork and much more? If so, Porter Cable 7424XP Variable Speed Polisher would be the right pick for you.

Today we are going to have a brief look at the characteristics and specification indulged in this extraordinary variable speed polisher from PORTER-CABLE.

What makes the PORTER-CABLE 7424XP Variable-Speed Polisher Popular?

There are multiple features that make the PORTER-CABLE polisher a preferred and famous among the customer, but the main point is its affordability and the result of finer finish even for the toughest applications.

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User Friendliness

Apart from that, the manufacturer has designed this orbit sanders to be user-friendly, people who are not aware of the product too can use the product with ease. The orbit sander is much powerful so that the results can be achieved faster without taking much effort.


The PORTER-CABLE orbital sanders include a 4.5 amp motor for performing the job faster; this helps for random orbit and high overload protection.

Variable Speed

The variable speed indulged in this PORTER CABLE polisher helps in adjusting the speed based on the nature of work you are doing it, the range you can adjust falls in the range between 2500 to 6800 RPM. Apart from the adjustment, this feature along with the help of treatments and pads, allows you to use the tools as preferred.

Central Spindle

The polishes involve a central spindle which rotates depending on the electric offset to reduce the burning of any hard substances like paint so that you get the stunning smooth and shiny consistent finish, this is also achieved with the randomness indulged in the polisher.


The PORTER CABLE 7424XP which consists of a dual position side handle on the left and right side helps in controlling the whole machine. You can change the placement of handle based on your comfort

Counter Weight

The orbit sanders come with a counterweight of 5 inches without involving a backing plate for performing the work faster and providing effective results. You can make use of the hook and loop pads if you are not comfortable with the counter weight, but you need to get a hook and loop backing plate from the store to use it.

Advantages of PORTER CABLE 7424XP Polisher

There are many benefits includes, some top pros of the variable speed polishers are

  • Easy to use
  • Simple operation
  • Even beginner can use the product without any struggles or difficulties.
  • Compact
  • Light Weight
  • Affordable and a great value for money

Disadvantage of PORTER CABLE 7424Xp Polisher

As a coin has both sides, all product will have their negatives too along with the positive. Few things can be improved in this variable speed polisher which involves

The product does not Include a Hook and Loop Backing Plate.

Polishing pads are not durable, but this can be replaced.

Final Thoughts

Our overall considerations and thoughts on this PORTER CABLE 7424XP Variable Speed Polisher are

The orbit sanders are centerpiece equipment for beginners. There are many persons who use this as a polishers or buffers for their cars, best for polishing paint job, applying wax and eliminating swirls. The minimal vibration involved is safer for any persons, and there are no chances for hand pain or other related issues.

The quiet, free operation indicates that the operator can perform their work faster and easier with much comfort in whatever conditions or environments. The variable speed and motor are the greater plus points in this PORTER CABLE 7427XP polisher.

So we suggest that you can get this variable speed polisher for their quality, affordability, convenience and for the comfort they provide during the work. Ideal for any users who need a compact and lightweight tool to have a one in their small garage.