Anesty 6 Air Random Orbital Sander Review

An orbital sander is a revolutionary tool found by Festool in 1976, used for sanding purposes and this is attached to sanding blades for providing a finer finish to the wood. IIn order to enjoy the benefits of this orbital sanders its mandatory you choose the best product from the right manufactuter.

What is Anesty Orbital sander?

Anesty orbital sander is the professional orbital sander with high quality and greater speed control. With its compact structure and unique features it is suitable for various purposes such as car body shops, metal work and furniture, its scientific design lets you to do these jobs perfectly and quickly.

Today in our article we are going to check about one of the popular manufacturer Anesty’s Random Orbital Sander in brief.

Key Features & Specifications of Anesty 6 Air Random Orbital Sander

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  • Anesty random orbital sander comes along with Velcro Backing Pad for professional heavy duty dual action.
  • Less vibration gives swirl free finishes, so for low vibration it is provided with heavy duty ball bearing construction.
  • As we mentioned earlier, it has amazing speed control with built-in regulator.
  • It is designed for efficiency and comfort in the working environment. So this orbital sander has unique ergonomic design.
  • It also features a distinctive motor, shaft, balancer, plastic rotor and rear exhaust.
  • The motor that is incorporated in the machine provides 10000 revolutions per minute.
  • It is also enveloped with one ¼ inch air inlet, one 6 inch sanding pad and one 5/16 inch spindle thread for various purposes.
  • These are provided with dust bag for dust collection. So even after you finished your work, the work place will be clean it won’t leave any mess.
  • The package is also included with one spanner and one vacuum hose.
  • This air powered orbital sander doesn’t require any batteries, So these are not provided with battery.
  • It has 90 pounds per square inch working pressure and this orbital sander is applicable in paint prep and finishing applications.

Customer Review

People across the globe buy this orbital sander, this product has received many reviews from customers. Most of the customers have provided the positive reviews about the product and have found this product a helpful one in their job as it worked great for them.

Some customers said it was very beautiful and it’s worth the money and have given amazing ratings for this product. Few customers had dissatisfaction with this product, as it was not provided with user manual and they found it was hard to figure out.

Final Verdict

This is an amazing orbital sander for anyone since it has whatever you want. As it cleans its mess, it is suitable to use even inside the house. It doesn’t require vacuum for dust collection, you can even use this with other orbital sander. Since it is heavy, it reduces all the vibration when you use and gives heavy duty performance for a long period. So we found this Anesty 6 air random orbital sander is quite useful.

Hope you are clear on the details about the Anesty Randon orbital Sanders.

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