Delta Power Tools 23-197 8-Inch Variable Speed Bench Grinder review

Bench grinders are the tools or equipment that accompanies a dual spindle along with the horizontal motor for sharpening any robust tools, chipped lawn mower blade, woodworking chisel, helps in removing any rust from an old weather vane and also capable of restoring the damaged end of a wrecking bar.

Choosing the bench grinder from the right developer or manufacturer to experience the smoother and excellent finishing. In the line of the quality and high performance of the product in the market, we have picked the Delta Power Tools 23-197 8-Inch Variable Speed Bench Grinder for review today.

The manufacturer who has developed this Delta Power bench grinder is famous in making industrial and goods for indoor and outdoor products and received thousands of rewards and appreciations from most trusted newspapers, website and most of their website has passed all the safer tests.

Characteristics of Delta Power Tools 23-197 8-Inch Variable Speed Bench Grinder

Proceed below to check out the various features and specifications of the above-mentioned bench grinder in brief.

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Variable Speed

Speed is one of the important aspects to consider in the feature of Bench Grinders. This is hundred percent reliable while considering this Delta Power tool bench grinder. The variable speed control of this grinder offers you the versatility and convenience in buffing, sharpening, polishing and grinding.

Motor Power

There is an upfront variable speed dial in the Delta Power Tool bench grinder for controlling the speed in the range from 2000 RPM to 2400 RPM. While considering the power of the motor, they indulge a 5 AMP motor which is developed as an induction type for providing the important operation and performance.

Wheel Grits

There are wheels with 36 and 60 grit for grinding, polishing and sharpening any tough tools and applications.

Hand Tool

There is a hand tool on the left side of the bench grinder which indulges a drill bit for drilling into the surface for achieving the accurate angle on the tip every time you perform the work.

Water Tray

There are two piece tools for achieving different angles while doing the action; this can be adjustable so that you can use it as per your preference. The water tray in the bench grinder helps you to keep the working piece cool while doing any works like grinding, polishing, etc.

Work Light & Neck

There is on and off switch for the light to glow; you can make use of it when you are in need. The goose neck is developed to be flexible for the providing the illumination while grinding and at the time of setting up.

While considering the price, they are one of the affordable bench grinders available in the market, and many of the customer reviews say that they are the product that is a great value for your money. Weighs about 44.2 pounds and comes with the dimension of 9.5X14.5X16.5 inches in size.

Tested Results

When we tested this product and compared with other manufacturers and developers, we found more benefits and additional qualities when compared to other products and manufacturers.

The wheel of the bench grinder contains a wobble. Still, there was no kind of vibrations found while operating the tool during testing, this is the high and positive sign that you can prefer the product with no confusions. You can get this product and replace the wobble with a new wire brush wheel for the higher performance.

The lighter vibrations were found when we applied forces and test higher and tougher tools. I have never seen this kind of variable speed option in any other previous version of the manufacturer.

The only negative I found was that when speed is reduced suddenly during the higher operation, the torque also gets turned down and therefore this will bring a greater defect in the work you are doing. More than 50 percent of the reliable and verified purchased customers have rated five stars for this product.

Advantages of Delta Power Tools Bench Grinders

Here are some of the benefits of Delta Power Tools 23-197 8-Inch Variable Speed Bench Grinder

  • Affordable and a great value for money option
  • Higher variable speed
  • Two Different Wheel grits for efficient operation
  • Hand tools for support
  • Water tray for advanced cooling

Disadvantages of Delta Power Tools Bench Grinders

Few cons of the bench grinders includes

  • A Little patience is needed for the efficient operation.
  • Torque turns down along with reduced speed.

Final Thoughts

One of the best Bench grinder to adapt in a workshop that involves the low vibration level along with the higher and smoother operation. You cannot fit this directly to any craftsman stand but still an effective one to place it anywhere in your workshop. You will be able to experience the finer finish even when operated in high reliable speed.

You can prefer to go with this Delta Power Tools 23-197 8-Inch Variable Speed Bench Grinder if you do have some patience in operating the tools. I assure this provide you the extraordinary results if you are ok with the point.

Hope you are clear about the Delta Power Tools 23-197 8-Inch Variable Speed Bench Grinder now. Any queries or thoughts on the bench grinder are welcome.

Have you used this Bench Grinder for your workshop to sharpen tools? Share your experience with us through the comment section below.